Sleep Well

Imagine waking up refreshed and comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold, after a wonderful night’s sleep. That is what a Sunrise wool duvet is offering you. A decent night’s sleep is priceless and vital in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Most adults need between seven and a half to eight and a half hours of good quality sleep every night to feel alert during the day. However, 56 per cent of adults in the USA report one or more symptoms of insomnia a few nights a week. Difficulty with sleeping can cause increased anxiety, impaired concentration, impaired memory and irritability.

Be Well

There are many reasons for difficulties in sleeping - stress, emotional upset, illness, even simply being too hot or cold. To take the first step to having a deep, fulfilling sleep you need to make your environment as comfortable as possible. The bedding you lie on and wrap yourself up in, are the tools that will help this happen. The correct choice for a good night's sleep is critical.

Refresh Well

The future of bedding lies with wool products and we are thrilled to be able to offer Sunrise Wool bedding. It harnesses the best of nature with modern technology to give you a longer, deeper, and more refreshing sleep. Sunrise Wool bedding is also 100 per cent environmentally friendly, so you can rest well in the knowledge that you are being green.

Rest Well

Sunrise Wool keeps your body temperature consistent whilst you are in bed, reducing the amount you move and keeping your heart rate low and this gives you a scientifically-proven deeper and longer sleep. Sunrise Wool is a luxurious blend of wools from around the world that have been specially selected for their resilience, crimp and softness. As well as being extremely comfortable and luxurious, Sunrise Wool provides better heat insulation and regulation than regular wool and man-made fibres. This makes it the ideal choice for all types of bedding.

Live Well

Sunrise Wool has a unique ability to absorb and release moisture vapour. This regulates the surrounding temperature and humidity to create your very own microclimate in bed - Sunrise Wool actually breathes with you! As a result, it will give you year-round comfort. Maximum warmth when it is cold, yet cool when it is hot.

Develop Well

Modern bedding in today’s consumer-driven climate demands high quality and technologically advanced fibres. Sunrise Wool not only meets all of these requirements, it exceeds them, offering you the ultimate feeling of well-being. Not only will you enjoy a healthier and deeper sleep you will also know that you are wrapping yourself up in bedding that is 100 per cent natural, biodegradable and has low impact on the environment. It is far more energy-efficient to produce than most other fibres, taking on average two-thirds LESS oil to produce one- tonne of wool fibre, than it does for polyester.

Our relationship with our customers is incredibly important to us, and we would be delighted to hear from you if you have a specific enquiry. Here is a little information for you:

  • Sunrise Wool comes with a certificate of quality assurance from Canesis who rigorously test the Sunrise Wool fibre post treatment.
  • Extensive machine wash evaluation at Canesis has proven that bedding products made from Sunrise Wool perform exceptionally well to Woolmark specifications. This is as a result of the robust Sunrise Wool process and our strong emphasis on correct product construction criteria.


What are the benefits of sleeping with wool vs duck/goose-down?
Duck/goose-down are comfortable alternatives to wool, however over a period of time it suffers from 'clumping' and will not retain its natural shape like wool does. Your initial investment will be the same for both wool and down bedding products, however with regular care and maintenance your wool bedding should last much longer. A Sunrise Wool product is also an environmentally-friendly resource - no harm is inflicted on the animals in the shearing process. Finally, sleeping with wool is much kinder to those who suffer from allergies.

Will I need to buy a summer and winter duvet?
A Sunrise Wool duvet of the appropriate weight will give you year-round comfort. As Sunrise Wool breathes with you creating your own microclimate in bed, it stops you from over-heating when it is warm and insulates you from the cold when the outside temperature drops.

Can I really wash my Sunrise Wool quilt?
Yes, providing that the washing instructions on the label are closely followed. It must be washed on a wool cycle and we recommend on average one wash per year as unlike duvet covers, regular washing of duvet inners is not normally needed. It is recommended that the duvet is better washed in a commercial laundry, which might be easier, as they are big and bulky and heavy when wet and can be hard to dry in a domestic situation. The quilt can be tumble dried on a cool setting.

Is a wool duvet hypoallergenic?
The Sunrise Wool fibre is extremely 'clean'. Tests show that Sunrise wool has considerably less dust than other washable wools. It is also a natural bacteria and dustmite inhibitor through its inherent vapour management system, which reduces the moist and damp conditions within which they thrive. All good news for asthma sufferers.

Sunrise Wool is the product of a partnership between the global wool suppliers, H Dawson and the New Zealand based textile technology provider, Canesis Network.

Canesis has evolved from the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand (WRONZ) with an international reputation as a world-class provider of textile technology, research & development services. They have developed Sunrise Wool, a unique and protected fibre technology, specifically for modern bedding products.

H. Dawson has carefully overseen the development of Sunrise Wool, ensuring it has been produced to exact specifications to meet their vision of the future of bedding. Additionally, by working closely with every one of the suppliers - the woolgrower, Canesis and the bedding manufacturer - H. Dawson can assure the quality and consistency of the final delivered product, Sunrise Wool.