H. Dawson Wool Is Big In Japan

International wool supplier, H. Dawson Wool has collaborated with Japanese supplier Nagao Shoji K.K., to provide wool for impressive artistic installations in Japan, to celebrate Tokyo Ginza Fashion Week and International Wool Week.

The wool, sourced from UK sheep, was used to create decorative and eye-catching displays in the Mitsukoshi department store and the Matsuya department store in Ginza town.

When the display is taken down, the wool will be used for to create eco-friendly insulation for building projects in Japan.

CEO of H. Dawson Wool, Jo Dawson, said: “The impressive wool windows in Ginza demonstrate the many different ways in which wool can be adapted. Wool is not only used to create fine clothing and carpets, but it can also be used in the manufacturing of high-quality insulation for architectural projects around the world. H. Dawson Wool is proud to be involved in supplying high quality wool for many different uses. Not only is wool adaptable, but it is eco-friendly, bio-degradable and the ultimate renewable material.”

This project was possible due to the relationship H. Dawson Wool has with its long-term partner Nagao Shoji K.K. President of Nagao Shoji K.K., Ken Nagao, said: “Wool will not only serve as the best material for producing apparel or interior products, but it can also be used to enhance the living environment. At Nagao Shoji K K., we work continuously to develop new products and find new ways in which to use wool, using Japan’s excellent track record in fibre technology.

“We take great pride in our relationship with H. Dawson Wool and we look forward to continuing to work with them as partners.

Posted: October 2012