Wool is…the Fabric of your Life

H Dawson Wool Ltd, one of the world’s leading wool suppliers is urging farmers to join them at grass-roots level and become a campaigner for wool.

Despite the development of non-natural fibres and their influx into the production of clothing, interiors, upholstery and bedding, wool is enjoying a renaissance with more and more manufacturers and consumers turning back to the natural beauty and longevity of wool.

The world is once again waking up to the benefits of wool, including its quality, its comfort and its health and environmental benefits and H Dawson Wool wants those who produce wool to become its greatest ambassadors.
Chief Executive of H Dawson Ltd, Jo Dawson, said: “Never in the last generation have there been as many worldwide opportunities for the wool industry as there are now.

“The worldwide trend towards natural products is firmly established and is growing on a daily basis. Wool is natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable and I believe that it can help to make the world a healthier and safer place.

“This can be achieved by more people choosing wool carpets to reduce airborne dust and noise, absorb harmful emissions and improve internal humidity. Wool allows skin to breathe and keeps people warm in the winter and cool in warmer months whilst being fire retardant and protecting from potentially harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays.

“Wool in bedding has been proved to give 25 per cent more deep regenerative sleep and as is incredibly effective as a sound and heat insulator.”

As a financially sound worldwide supplier, H Dawson offers customers the security of forward supply contracts of wool or noble fibre from any origin in any currency which helps them to smooth out the price variability of this seasonally volatile raw material. 

The whole philosophy of H Dawson Wool is to work hard to ensure that the farmer supplier gets the best possible price for their wool in order to ensure that H Dawson’s sources of supply remain sustainable.

Get involved in improving your wool returns by becoming a Campaigner for Wool!  Never in the last generation have there been worldwide opportunities for the wool industry to take advantage of as there are now. 

Not only does our industry have the patronage of one of the true world champions of sustainability, HRH The Prince of Wales, we also have unprecedented worldwide collaboration through the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) to drive improved demand for wool.  It has been a privilege for me and my company H Dawson to be involved in this current international co-operation to better the returns for all members of the worldwide wool industry.  

Before I talk further about becoming a Campaigner for Wool, please allow me a slight diversion to talk about our patron.  As one of the founder members of The Campaign for Wool Steering Group I have been privileged to meet HRH The Prince of Wales on several occasions over the past 2 years and each time he has been eager to add to his already significant knowledge of wool.  It was during his visit to Bradford in Northern England last week that our Sales Director Jonathan Swift and I were able to discuss with him the benefits of using different types of wool.  We talked about the many different origins of wool that H Dawson buys including New Zealand wool that is famed for being so white in colour.  As H Dawson buy wool from 35 countries and sell wool to 75 countries we were well positioned to answer his varied questions.

We explained to our patron that the role of H Dawson is to take wool in its raw form when it becomes available for sale during the shearing season, wash it and process it until it is ready for use by the spinner or non-woven manufacturer to make into carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothing, filters, felted cogs, billiard cloth or tennis balls, to name but a few of the end uses. 

We advised him that as a financially sound worldwide supplier H Dawson offer our customers the security of forward supply contracts of wool or noble fibre from any origin in any currency which helps them to smooth out the price variability of this seasonally volatile raw material. 

We were also able to explain to him that the whole philosophy of our company is to work hard to ensure that our farmer supplier gets the best possible price for their wool in order to ensure that our sources of supply remain sustainable.

We said that this is why we spend significant efforts working not only with our customers directly to improve wool prices, but also on worldwide initiatives to achieve the same results. 

Finally, we thanked His Royal Highness for convening The Campaign for Wool as it has allowed many diverse parts of the wool industry to work together to increase the price paid to the farmer for his wool whilst confirming to the consumer that as a luxurious gift from Nature, Wool is 100% Natural, 100% Renewable and 100% Sustainable and 100% Biodegradable.

I mentioned earlier my involvement with the International Wool Textile Organisation.  As H Dawson is one of the world’s most significant international wool suppliers (our Company was established 122 years ago in 1888 by my great grandfather), it makes common sense to be working collaboratively with our customers, competitors and suppliers to improve the demand for wool.  In my position as treasurer for the IWTO (“the United Nations of Wool”) I am very closely involved in the strategy of our lobbying programme in the EU and USA which has a key objective to change laws in order to put wool back in its rightful position.  I will note here some of the key messages that we are acting upon which I think nicely encapsulate the opportunity in front of us.

The wool industry believes that the world can be made a healthier and safer place:

You can get involved with IWTO by talking to H Dawson Farm Direct wool buyers or other Wool Merchants or Wool Exporters who are members of the NZCWI.  NZCWI is the body which is the New Zealand country member of IWTO as well as being the only New Zealand body that is currently funding the New Zealand portion of The Campaign for Wool in addition to the IWTO Architects Project and other initiatives. 

The international nature of IWTO means that the plan is to move The Campaign beyond the shores of the United Kingdom to target the consumer in other geographical markets. 

The Campaign for Wool is not a centralized marketing campaign that the wool industry has been used to in the past.  The Campaign for wool is a movement that needs Campaigners to be successful. This Campaign needs all members of the wool chain to get involved to become Campaigners for wool by creating and getting involved in media events whilst using the core messaging provided by the Campaign for Wool.  The first thing you can do is become a supporter of The Campaign for Wool on Facebook and Twitter!  The next thing you can do is talk to the members of the NZCWI like H Dawson Farm Direct about getting more involved. 

Posted: November 2012