Over a century of experience

Harry Dawson sailed from Yorkshire to Australia on the ‘Chusan’ in 1887 on a wool-buying mission, and established the wool trading business of H. Dawson in 1888. This proved to be a strategic period for Australian wool trading, a time when the sheep population was soaring and demand increasing in Europe and America.

During the next decade Harry had the foresight to form partnerships in New Zealand, Australia and UK to grow his international business. Over the next 20 years H. Dawson became one of the world’s largest most honourable and respected international wool broking businesses, with offices in all major supplying and consuming markets. The bulk of Australian and New Zealand wool was sold in London at this time and H. Dawson was one of the biggest brokers there, acting for UK and European interests as well as on-shipping to America and beyond.

The last 50 years have seen major changes in the wool business and H. Dawson, now run by the latest generation of the Dawson family, has realigned accordingly, opening offices in all major trading locations.